Alcoholics Anonymous Livingston County, Michigan
and Surrounding Communities A.A. District 8, CMIA 32


Meetings Update


Due to Covid-19, some groups in District 8 are now hosting meetings online

Please be advised each group is self-maintained.



There are some among you who are not familiar with our tradition of personal anonymity at the public level:

Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press radio and films. Thus, we respectfully ask that no A.A. member be identified outside of these online meeting rooms by full name and that no part of any image, recording, or other representation be reproduced, published, or broadcast outside of these meeting rooms.

The assurance of anonymity is essential in our effort to help other problem drinkers who wish to share our recovery program with us.

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions – ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.


Please be aware, some of these may be recorded and may not provide complete anonymity. District 8 and Alcoholics Anonymous does not endorse nor oppose the use of Zoom meetings.


Those concerned with anonymity, enter  name or number and last initial, or omit. Also, you may elect not to use camera in Zoom


ZOOM -Download required at










































If you know of a meeting in District 8 that is not listed

Click here to let us know


Closed Meetings: All A.A. meetings are closed unless otherwise indicated. Attendance at a closed meeting is limited to only those with a desire to stop drinking. **If an A.A. has a friend or family member that is curious about how 12 step programs like A.A. work we encourage attendance at Al-Anon or Alateen meetings. These programs have been designed especially for family and friends of the alcoholic.


Open Meetings: Open A.A. meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about A.A. Open meetings can be attended by members of any recovery group as well as family members, friends, students, professionals, and other non-members. These meetings generally consist of a short lead or a speaker. There are several open meetings within District 8 and they have been designated as such on the meeting list.


Handicap/Disability Accessibility: All known handicap/disability accessible meeting locations are designated with a "H" after the meeting name. This does not mean that other meeting locations without this symbol cannot accommodate handicapped/disabled individuals. If you see a mistake in our guide regarding handicap/disability accessibility please contact our webmaster so we can keep our meeting list up to date.


Smoking: Since most meeting locations such as churches, hospitals and other public facilities are non-smoking, please view all meetings as such, unless your own personal attendance finds otherwise. Some locations are equipped with a designated smoking area, however other locations like hospitals have strict "no smoking" policies. Please respect the policies of each location, by not smoking directly in front of building entrances, by utilizing the designated smoking area(s) and disposing of cigarette waste properly.



Meeting Time Days Meeting ID Password
The Well Happy Hr 5:30 PM M-F 864 117 551 017714
St. Pats Noon 12:00 PM M-F 872 1793 1184 547588
Noon Fellowship Group 12:00 PM M-F 998 816 467 027999
Men's Travellers 7:30 PM Tuesday 698 371 730 286435
Hartland Wednesday Night 7:30 PM Wednesday 998 965 5846 12345
Four Corners 6:00 PM Thursday 106 036 151 888294
Grace At The Well 12:00 PM Saturday 732 710 606 014458
Gregory Group 7:00 PM Saturday 590 529 882 122004
Grace At The Well 2:00 PM Sunday 114 820 580 086681
St. Augustine Sunday Night 7:00 PM Sunday 998 965 5846 12345
The Jumping Off Point 8:00 PM S-S 563 094 245 928498
Dial In Meetings        
Mid Day Break 12:00 PM M-F 712 770 5348 234824
Mens' Travellers 7:30 PM Tuesday 712 770 5348 234824
St. Augustine Sunday Night 7:00 PM Sunday 312 626 6799 12345
Hartland Wednesday Night 7:30 PM Wednesday 312 626 6799 12345
Ladies Of Serenity 5:30 PM Tue. & Thur. 701 802 5322 8973749
UberConference Meetings
Friendly Fowerlville Group 7:30 PM Wednesday  
Friendly Fowerlville Group 7:30 PM Sunday